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Scanning Tools Password Cracking

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Hackers and Crackers
its program. But they’re hardly the only option. If funding’s an issue and truth- fully, when isn’t it?, you might also consider looking into the scholarships offered
by the National Security Agency NSA.
To learn more about careers in computer security, ethical hacking, and security tools, have a look at some of these security sites:
• http:securityfocus.com SecurityFocus is an independent site, not affili-
ated with any specific security product, that provides extensive up-to-date information about computer security to meet the needs of computer users and
information technology professionals.
• http:searchsecurity.techtarget.com SearchSecurity.com is a full-service
site aimed at computer security professionals. This site provides a security- specific search engine, daily security news, sign-up options for security-related
email newsletters, and over a thousand links to other security sites.
Chapter 4
• http:www.sans.org SANS.org is the official site of the SANS SysAdmin,
Audit, Network, Security Institute, a world leader in computer security train- ing. SANS provides many free resources, including weekly digests of security
risks RISK and general security news NewsBites, as well as over 1,000 technical papers on computer security.
• http:www.cerias.purdue.edu CERIAS is the Center for Education and
Research in Information Assurance and Security. The CERIAS website pro- vides a wide range of information related to computer security issues.
Chapter 5
Taking SPAM Off the Menu
Chapter 5
Taking SPAM Off the Menu
Tessa was thrilled beyond expression on Easter holidays when her Dad finally relented and let her open her own email account. She checked it 4 and 5 times a day—eager to
have mail of her own. Everyday it seemed she was giving her new address to someone else—friends at school, kids from her church youth group, even new friends she’d met
online. To make sure that everyone could find her, she added her name to online direc- tories and even posted her new address on her family’s webpage.
The first month or so, everything was wonderful. Tessa felt connected to the world. Then she started to hear from some of its darker inhabitants.
First, Tessa began getting boring stupid emails intended for grownups. Silly people trying to sell her stuff no real 13-year-old could possibly want. Some of them even tried
to get her to sign up for credit cards. Tessa tried to get rid of the emails, sending replies to links
that were supposed to remove her from the mailing lists.
The number of emails just kept increasing.
After a while, the mail Tessa was getting got
creepy. She didn’t re- ally understand a lot
of the things people were trying to sell her,
but they reminded her

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