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Password Protecting Your Accounts

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Appendix A
• Scan the photos in your kid’s phone from time to time. Sexting among teens
sending nude or semi-nude photos via text message is a growing problem. Many teens caught doing this have been charged with sex crimes and labeled
sex offenders for life. Don’t let your kids get caught in this nightmare and ruin their lives. Teach them not to send or forward any photos of their private
parts, or their friends’.
• Keep it positive With the right security software and sensible precautions,
there’s no need to be afraid of the Internet. Your teen should take advantage of the wonderful opportunities it provides, and you should too
• Get educated. You are the first line of defense when it comes to the safety of
your kids on the Internet. Some great sites for you to learn more about on- line safety are Commonsense Media commonsensemedia.org, Cyber Smart
cybersmart.org, FTC ftc.gov, Get Net Wise getnetwise.org, iKeepSafe ikeepsafe.org, i-Safe isafe.org, Look Both Ways lookbothways.org,
Microsoft Online Safety microsoft.comprotect, NetFamilyNews netfamilynews.org, Netsmartz netsmartz.org, On Guard Online
onguardonline.gov, Stay Safe Online staysafeonline.org, Stop Cyber- bullying stopcyberbullying.org, Web Wise Kids webwisekids.org, and
Wired Safety wiredsafety.org.
The editors express their heartfelt thanks to all of the people who contributed their expertise and visions to this updated edition of
Own Your Space. We’d like to offer
special thanks to the teens and young adults in our lives—Eric, Douglas, Tabitha, Nina, Kayla, and Nathan. By so graciously downloading worms, accepting viruses,
and unknowingly installing pernicious adware, they unwittingly introduced us to the dangers the Internet poses to unsuspecting families.
Thanks also to all of the security experts joining our team for the next version and to the experts who lent their skills and efforts to this version:
• Jack McCullough for updating the wireless section
• Richard Ford for his malware expertise
• Keith Watson for both content updates and his idea to produce a free online
version of this book. A special thanks to Eric 17 for leading our teen discussions and working with the
web designers and cover artist. We want to
especially thank all the teens who gen-
erated ideas, shared experiences, and provided feedback. This book would not exist without those teens. While we’ve omitted their last names to protect their privacy,
we really can’t overstate just how important their feedback was to this project.
Jack McCullough Wireless Security Expert
Security Consultant and Author
Keith Watson Security Researcher
Linda McCarthy Security Researcher
Richard Ford, Harris Professor of Assured Information,
Florida Tech
Denise Weldon-Siviy Writer, Editor, Teacher, and Mom
Eric 17 Novato, California Teen Insight
Brian 17 Novato, California Teen Insight
Hala 17 Pleasanton, California Teen Contributor
Tabitha 17 Littlestown, Pennsylvania Teen Contributor
Kayla 15 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Teen Contributor
Gino 13 Lodi, California Teen Contributor
Dominic 11 Lodi, California Teen Contributor
Waqas 14 Tacoma, Washington Teen Contributor

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