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Presentation Review Häc kú II

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Tuần 1 Ngày soạn :
Ngày dạy :
Tiết : 1
Review and Introduction


-To help students review the main learnt grammar -To introduce students English 8 book and way to learn effectively
II.Language content -The main learnt grammars

III.Teaching aids

-Teacher’s and student’s book IV.Prosedure

1. Warm up

-Greeting -Checking the number of students

2. Presentation Review

The present simple tense
For subject : I, we, you, they ⊕
S + V + O - S + do not + V + O
? Do + S + V + O Yes, S + do
No, S + do not For subject : She, he ,it
⊕ S + Vs Ves + O
- S + does not + V + O ? Does + V + O
Yes, S + does No, S + does not
The simple past tense
? What do we use present simple tense for Ss : Answer
? Do you remember how to put verb in present simple tense
Ss : answer T : review the form
Note : these adverbs of time can be used in the present simple tense : today, this week,
this morning, this afternoon, this evening, this year…
? What is the concept of the simple past tense
Ss : Answer ? How many forms of verbs in the simple
past tense
⊕ S + V in the past + O
-S + did not + V + O ? Did + S + V + O
Yes, S + did No, S + did not
Ss : answer T : review the form
Note : these adverbs of time can be used in the simple past tense : yesterday, last week,
last year, ago…

3. Practice

T : gives exercise then ask students do exercise Ss : do exercise
T : Walk around class to check Exercise 1 : Put the verbs in the bracket in the correct tense
1. Last year we …………live in Nha Trang with our grandparents but now we……..
live in Hue with our parents. 2. Do you like swimming, Ba ? I ………do when I was a child but not now
3. Last week I …….send my friend Daisy a letter but she ……….not reply. I…….be very sad now.
4. My father………not like drinking beer but yesterday he……….have two big glasses of beer. He…….be happy to receive my mother’s news.
5. What…….you………do yesterday? I ……phone you but you……..not be in. T : call students do exercisse
Ss : do exercise T : give remark and correct anwer
Answer : 1. lived live
2. did 3. sentdid not replyam
4. does not hadwas 5. did…dophoned were not

4. Production

Teacher repeats the present simple tense and the simple past tense

5. Homework

Exercise 1 : Put the verbs in bracket in correct tense 1. I………think you ……… not like chocolate but I was wrong
2. Nam is a careful driver but yesterday he………drive carelessly 3. I………not know how to dance when I ..be six years old.
Ngày soạn :
Ngày dạy : TiÕt : 2
Unit 1 : My friends
Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and read


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know more about Hoa-Lan-Nien and to review simple present and simple past
II.Language content Attributive and predicative adjectives

III.Teaching aids

Text book, cards IV.Prosedure

1. Warm up

2. Pre-reading -To seem :

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