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Pre-reading -To seem : While-reading Post-reading Homework Do exercise 1 in your exercise book

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Ngày dạy : Tiết : 2
Unit 1 : My friends
Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and read


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know more about Hoa-Lan-Nien and to review simple present and simple past
II.Language content Attributive and predicative adjectives

III.Teaching aids

Text book, cards IV.Prosedure

1. Warm up

2. Pre-reading -To seem :

-A next door neighbor : a person who lives next to your house
-To look like :

3. While-reading

Answers : a. She is Hoa’s friend
b. She’s twelve years old c. She lives in Hue
T : show each picture page 10 then ask ? What are they doing
Ss: answer ? Work in pair about these picture
Ss : work in group T : Walk around class to check some group
T : Call some pairs to present T : Correct pronunciation mistake if any
? What do you do in your free time Ss : answer their own
T : supply new words and their explaination
Ss : take note T : lead students remember vocabulary by
rub out and remember method T : rub out each English word and point to
the Vietnamese translation and ask “ What’s this in English?”
Ss : say the word in English ? Now you work in pair to answer the
following questions ? Is Nien Lan’s friend or Hoa’s friend
? How old is Nien ? Where does Nien live
? Is she a beautiful girl ? Read the dialogue between Hoa, Lan and
Nien on page 10 and check if your answer are correct or not
Ss : read to check the answer ? Read the dialogue in pair
d. Yes, she is
Answer : a. Nien lives in Hue
b. No, she doesn’t c. The sentence is “she wasn’t old enough
to be in my class”. d. At Christmas

4. Post-reading

Answer : a. Lan is Hoa’s best friend
b.They are in the same class at QT school c.Last year, Hoa went to school first time
d.Lan showed her arround to introduce her to new friends

5. Homework Do exercise 1 in your exercise book

T : call some pairs to read the dialogue ? Look again the dialogue then answer the
questions in exercise 2 on page 11 Ss : work in pair
T : call some pairs to present T : give remark and correct answer
Ss : take note
? Write a paragraph about Hoa and Lan. Using some cues and the simple present or
simple past tense to write individually ? you can discuss with your partner to find
the most suitable answer Cues :
a. Lan Hoa’s best friend b. They same class Quang Trung school
c. Last year Hoa to school first time d. Lan show arround introduce to new
friends T : call some ss to answer
T : correct mistake if any Ss : take note
Ngày soạn :
Ngày dạy : TiÕt : 3
Lesson 2 : Speaking and listen


-to practice describing person in the pictures -to practice listening comprehensive listen how to introduce and anwer introduction
II.Language content Adj of person description
Simple tense III.Teaching aids
Teachers’ and students’ book Pictures
IV.Prosedure 1.Warm up
-fat -straight -slim -long
-tall -short -overweight -blackdark
-slender -blondfairgreybrown 2.Presentation
Form: S + havehas + adjectives + hair
S + be + adjectives 3 . Practice:
a. Hetallthin →
He is tall and thin b. Sheshortslim
→ She is short and slim
c. Heshortfat →
He is short and fat d. Shelongblack
→ She has long black
hair e. Shecurlyblond
→ She has curly blond
hair f. SheStraightbrown
→ She has straight
brown hair Practice speaking :
? please think of the adjectives used to describe body build and hair
Ss : work in group to find out the adjectives T : call some ss to present
Ss : say the adjectives they know
T : show students a picture of Mary and ask them to describe her hair, her body build
Ex : She has long blond hair She is short and thin
T : Introduce the form
T : prepare 6 cards so that students can drill easily
Ss : work in group T : call some ss to anwer
?Look at six people on page 11-12 then describe these people
Ss : prepare information T : call on a student to describe one person,
the others have to guess who heshe is Example
S1 : This person is short and thin. She has long blond hair.

4. Pre-listening

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