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Pre-listening While-listening Post-listening Pre-reading

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4. Pre-listening

5. While-listening

6. Post-listening

7 . Homework
Do exercise in exercise book S2 : Is this Mary
Yes T : do the same with other posters
T : may ask students to describe a famous person ot one of their classmates and their
friends have to guess. ? Please do exercise “listen a, b, c,d on
page 12-13” T : give the expressions and ask ss if they
understand their meaning Ss : work to guess and to complete four dia.
T : let students listen to the tape twice Ss : listen
? Work in pair to complete the dia. And compare with their prediction
T : call some pairs to practice these dia. Ss : practice
T : correct mistake and pronunciation if any
Tuần 2 9
Ngày soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết : 4
Lesson 3 : Read
I.Ojective -to help student reading comprehensive : read a passage and know more about Ba’s
friends II.Language content
The present simple Words of character, habit
III.Teaching aids Teacher’s and student’s book
Picture IV.Procedure
1. Warm-up

2. Pre-reading

A character : mét nh©n vËt An orphanage : a place where children
without parents live Reserved adj : dÌ dỈt
Sociable adj : hoà đồng To tell jokes : kể chuyện vui
Sense of humor : cã khíu hµI híc
TF statement prediction
a. Ba only has three friends- Bao,Song,Khai
b. Ba and his friends have the same ? Look at 4 pictures in page 10 and talk
about the activities you want to do after school
Ss : discuss T : give some sugesstions
?What are these students doing Ss : play soccerplay chessread books play
volley ball ?What time of the day do you think it is
Ss: in the morningeveningafter school ?Do you like soccerreading book…
T and ss work together T : supply new words by translation or
explaination Ss : take note and try to remember the new
words T : Write the word on board, put the word
in each circle T : have students repeat the words in
chorus then rub out word by word but leave the circles
Ss : repeat the words T : Point to each circle and ask students to
repeat chorally the English words ?Who can go to the board and write the
words again in the correct circle T : these statements are about Ba and his
friends, read them and guess which statements are true, which are false.
characters c. Bao-Song-Khai are quite reserved in
public d. They all enjoy school and study hard
3. While-reading a. F
b. F c. F
d. T
Exercise 1 Answer
1.A 2.C
3.B 4.D
Exercise 2 a. He feels lucky having a lot of friends
b. Bao is the most sociable c. Khai likes reading
d. His jokes sometimes annoy his friends e. Bao spends his free time doing
volunteer work at a local orphanage f. Students’ answer

4. Post-reading

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