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Post-reading Homework While-reading Häc kú II

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characters c. Bao-Song-Khai are quite reserved in
public d. They all enjoy school and study hard
3. While-reading a. F
b. F c. F
d. T
Exercise 1 Answer
1.A 2.C
3.B 4.D
Exercise 2 a. He feels lucky having a lot of friends
b. Bao is the most sociable c. Khai likes reading
d. His jokes sometimes annoy his friends e. Bao spends his free time doing
volunteer work at a local orphanage f. Students’ answer

4. Post-reading

5. Homework

Ss : work in pairs T : receive feedback
? Open your books and read the text on page 13
Ss : read ? Check your prediction
?Correct false statements Ss: do the correction
? Read the pasage again then do exercise 1 on page 14
T: you can work in pair to find the most suitable answers
T : call some ss to answer T : correct mistake if any
? work in pair to ask and answer questions in exercise number 2
Ss : work T : walk around to held
T : call some pairs to present T : correct pronunciation mistake if any
T : divide class in to 6 groups and ask ss in each group talk to one another about their
friends, using the adjectives they have learnt to describe
Ss : work in group T : Walk around class to help
? Write a paragraph about one close friend
Ngµy soạn :
Ngày dạy : Tiết : 5
Lesson 4 : Write


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to write a paragraph about their close friends
II.Language content The present simple
Adjectives of character III.Teaching aids
Teacher’s and students’ book IV.Prosedure
Answer : a. Four people
b. -The woman is wearing a red shirt and a
green skirt -The man who is standing beside the car is
wearing brown trousers and a yellow shirt. -The man who is standing on the pavement
is wearing a pink shirt and blue trouswes. -The boy is wearing blue short and a white
shirt 2. Pre-writing
Answer : a. Le Van Tam
b. He is 14 years old c. He is tall and thin. He has short black
hair d. He is sociable, humorous and helpful.
e. He lives at 26 Tran Phu street, HN f. He lives with his mother, father and an
elder brother. g. Ba and Bao

3. While-reading

?Look at picture on page 17 quickly in 20 second then close your books
T : Now you are going to work in 4 group to find information to answer the following
two questions : 1. How many people are there in the
picture? 2. What is each person wearing?
Ss : work in group. The group which answer correctly the fastest wins the game
? Open your book page 15 then read the information about Tam and answer some
questions 1. What is his name?
2. How old is he? 3. What does he look like?
4. What is he like? 5. Where does he live?
6. Whom does he live with? 7. Who is he friend?
Ss : read information then work in pair to answer the questions
T : call ss answer T : correct mistake if any
T : Now you have to write a paragraph about Tam, using the information you have
just got. Please work independently

4. Post-writing

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