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Post-writing Home work Language focus

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4. Post-writing

5. Home work

Ss : write T : walk around to help
? Compare your results with the paragraph in your book page 15.
T : you write the similar paragraph about one of your friend
Ss : can check the result together
?Each of you have to write a similar paragraph about yourself
Ss : work independently T : move around class to help students then
ask students to speak in front of the class about himself
Write another paragraph about one of your family member
Ngµy soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết : 6
Lesson 5 : Language focus
I.Objective -To practice more in simple present tense and the stucture not + adjectice enough + to-
infinitive -By the end of the lesson, students will be able to use simple present tense to talk about
feneral truths and write some sentences using the structure “not + adjective enough + to- infinitive”

II.Language content

Simple present tense, not + adjective enough + to-infinitive III.Teaching aids
Teacher’s and student’s book IV.Prosedure
1. Warm-up Categories
Example T writes a b c d
Student awful big clever dirty T writes g h I j
Student ……………………………….

2. Language focus

Revision of simple present tense S +VVs es + O
S + do notdoes not + V + O DoDoes + S + V + O
Yes, S + dodoes No, S + dodoes + not
Answer : Tuan : risessetsgoesisis
Ba : movesis
Revision of structure : S + to be +not + adjective enough + to-infinitive
T asks student to find out the adjectives beginning with the letters that the teacher
give T : divide the class into two groups
T : give four letters at the same time Ss : discuss in group to find out the
adjectives T : give one mark fot the team which
finishes first
? We use the simple present tense for what purpose
Ss : answer : it is used to express an action which is always true
T : give five verbs : be-move-set-rise-go and ask students to complete the dialogue
between Ba and Tuan, his young cousin. Let work in pair
Ss : complete the dia. In pair T : call some pairs to practice before class
T : correct mistake if any
T : set the scene to review the structure: teacher is to ask students to hang the
picture on board “ How do I say and how do you answer?” Complete the exchange
Word-cue drill a. Read English booksgood v
-Can you read English books? -Yes, my English is good enough to read
English books b. Drive a carold x
c. Carry this bagstrong v d. Solve this problemclever x

3. Further practice

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