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Further practice Homework Pre-reading While-reading

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Word-cue drill a. Read English booksgood v
-Can you read English books? -Yes, my English is good enough to read
English books b. Drive a carold x
c. Carry this bagstrong v d. Solve this problemclever x

3. Further practice

Answer : a. Not big enough
b. Not old enough c. Strong enough
d. Good enough 4. Summary

5. Homework

Can you 1 this 2 over there? No I 3not 45to6 the7 over there.
Answer : T : Can you hang this picture over there?
S : No, I am not tall enough to hang the picture over there.
T asks ss to work in pair, one asks and the other answer
Ss : work in pair T : call some pairs to present
? Do exercise 4 on page 17 in pairs Ss : do exercise
T : call students to practice in pair T : correct mistake if any
T repeats simple present tense and the structure : not + adjectives enough + to-
? Do exercise 1 in page 16 and write five sentences about themselves using the
structure : not + adjectives enough + to- infinitive
Tuần 3 Ngày soạn :
Ngày dạy :
Tiết : 7
Unit 2 : Making arrangements
Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and read
Students will be able to use the telephone to make and confirm arrangements II.Language content
“Going to” talks about intentions and activities in the future Adverbs of place

III.Teaching aids

Teacher’s and student’s book IV.Prosedure
1. Warm-up
Definition 1. to send fax
2. to find someone’s telephone number 3. to write addresses and telephone
numbers 4. to make a phone call in a street
telephone box 5. to leave and take messages
6. to make phone call anywhere you like
Answer a-5 d-2
b-6 e-4 c-1 f-3

2. Pre-reading

T asks students to match each object pictures on page 18 with its name
T give the definitions of these objects on a poster and ask students to match the object
with its definition Ss : observe the objects the match
T : Hoa and Nga are talking on the phone. They are talking about going to see a
movie Please guess:
?Who make the call ?Who introduced herself
?Who invited the other to the movies ?Who arranged a meeting place
?Who arranged the time ?Who agreed to the time
Ss : answer as their guessings

3. While-reading

Answer: a. Nga make the call
b. Nga introduced herself c. Nga invited Hoa to the movies
d. Nga arranged a meeting place e. Hoa arranged the time
f. Nga agreed to the time Comprehension questions
a.What’s Hoa’s telephone number? b.Which movie are they going to see?
Where? c. How is Hoa going to see the movies?
d. Where are they going to meet? What
time? Answer
a. Her telephone number is 3847329 b. They are going to see the movie Dream
City at Sao Mai Movie Theater c. Hoa is going by bike
d. They are going to meet outside the theater at 6.30

4. Post-reading

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