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Post-reading Homework Presentation Answer : Practice Production Homework

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3. While-reading

Answer: a. Nga make the call
b. Nga introduced herself c. Nga invited Hoa to the movies
d. Nga arranged a meeting place e. Hoa arranged the time
f. Nga agreed to the time Comprehension questions
a.What’s Hoa’s telephone number? b.Which movie are they going to see?
Where? c. How is Hoa going to see the movies?
d. Where are they going to meet? What
time? Answer
a. Her telephone number is 3847329 b. They are going to see the movie Dream
City at Sao Mai Movie Theater c. Hoa is going by bike
d. They are going to meet outside the theater at 6.30

4. Post-reading

5. Homework

?Read the conversation between Nga and Hoa on page 19 and give them feedback
Ss : work individually T : call students answer the questions
? Work in pair to ask and answer comprehension questions
Ss : work in pair T : call some pairs to ask and answer
T : correct pronunciation mistake if any
T : now you play the roles of two students who are talking on the phone making
arrangements. Ss : work in pairs
T: move around the class and help the students
T asks students to write a similar dialogue on their notebooks.
Ngày soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết : 8
Lesson 2 : Speak
Students will be able to talk on the telephone about intentions with Going to II.Language content
Structure : S + to be+going to + V III.Teaching aids
Teacher’s and student’s book IV.Prosedure
1. Warm-up

2. Presentation Answer :

1-b 2-f
3-j 4-a
5-I 6-c
7-e 8-k
9-g 10-h
S + to be + going to + infinitive

3. Practice

Model sentences : Are you going to see a movie?
Yes, I am No,I’m not a. see a movie v
b. play sport x c. meet friends v
d. help your mother v e. do your homework x
Chatting ?Do you have a telephone at home
?How often do you make a phone call ?What would you say when you pick up the
phone to answer it ?What would you say if you are the caller
? Do exercise 1 on page 20. Work in pair to put the sentences in the correct order to
make a complete conversation Ss : discuss in pair
T : call some pairs to present the dia. T : correct mistake if any
T : introduce the form of verb used to talk about intention
Ss : take note
T : lead students do exercise T : call some pair to make examble
? Work in pair asking and answering Ss : work
f. watch TV x

4. Production

Complete the dia. Between Ba and Bao 1. May I speak to Ba, please? This is Bao
2. I’m fine thanks. And you? 3. Can you play chess tonight?
4. What about tomorrow afternoon? 5. I’ll meet you at the Central Chess club
6. Is 2.00 o’clock OK

5. Homework

T : Ba and Bao are making arrangements to play chess. Please complete the dia.
Ss : work in pair T : call students play the roles of Ba and
Bao to practice the dia T : correct pronunciation mistake if any
T : Now you make the similar arrangements and practice talking with a
?Write five things that you intend to do next week
Ngµy soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết : 9
Lesson 3 : Read
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know more about Alexander Graham Bell
II.Language content Words of telephone

III.Teaching aids

Teacher’s and student’s book, pictures of Bell IV.Prosedure
1. Warm-up
Brainstorming What is the telephone used for?
-to chat with friend -to communicate
-to do bussiness -to have a message
-to call someone -to make arrangement
-to talk to a person who lives far from -to get information at the airport or railway
station quickly

2. Pre-reading Emigrate v: go to another country to live

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