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Homework Pre-writing Chatting : While-writing

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b. He worked with deaf-mute patients in a hospital in Boston
c. Thomas Watson was Bell’s assistant d. Thomas Watson introduced the
tetephone in 1877 e. Bell experimented with ways of
transmitting speech between deaf-mutes over a long distance
f. Bell demonstrated his invention at a lot of exhibitions

3. While-reading

Guess Answer Correction a F In Scotland
b F Boston Univer c T
d F In 1876 e F Tran. speech
f T Ordering
Alexander Graham Bell 1. was born in Scotland
2. went to live in Canada 3. went to live in the United States
4. worked with people who could neither
speak nor hear 5. worked with Thomas Watson
6. successfully demonstrated his invention 7. invented the telephone

4. Post-reading Suggestion :

A.G Bell was born on Match 3
,1847 in Scotland. He went to live in Canada and
then to the U.S.A in 1870s. He worked with deaf mutes at Boston University and did
experiments with ways of transmitting speech over a long distance. In 1876, he
and his assistant-Thomas Watson introduced the telephone successfully and
in 1877 the first telephone was in commercial use.

5. Homework

which statements are true and which are false
Ss : give feedback
? Read the text on page 21-22 and check your prediction
Ss : read and check ? Correct the false statements
? Read the text again and put the events of Bell’s life in order
Ss : work individually ? Compare result with your partner
? Write a paragraph about Bell’s life, using the information from the text
T : walk around to help T : call some ss read their writing
? Rewrite the paragraph on your notebooks TuÇn 4
Ngày soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết : 10
Lesson 4 : Writing
By the end of the lesson, students are able to write a telephone message II.Language content
Telephone message III.Teaching aids
Teacher’s and students’s book IV.Prosedure
1. Warm-up
1.mcuestor = customer 2.ayddmi = midday
3.essgmea = message 4.nifurretu = furniture
5.rvseice = service

2. Pre-writing Chatting :

Pre-teach vocabulary A customer n : a person who come to buy
something at a shop A delivery n : ph©n phèi
Stationery n đồ văn phòng To pick up someone : đón ai

3. While-writing

Reading and gap filling PhonedMay 12speaktook
namedeliveryat T : write the words whose letters are in a
random order on the board T : divide the class into 2 teams. Students
from 2 teams go to the board and write the correct words. The team which writes more
correct words first wins the game
T and the whole class talk about taking a telephone message
? Have you ever taken a telephone message Ss : answer : yesno
? When you take a message, what should be mentioned in the message
Ss : Date, time, who sent, to whom, content
? Open your book page 23 and read the first message then filling missing
information Ss : work independently
T : ask ss to compare results with partner T : call some ss to read result
T : give remark and correct mistake if any
T : ask ss to read the passage 2 on page 23
Write the telephone message Answer :
Thanh Cong delivery Service Date : June 16
Time : After midday For : Mrs Van
Message : Mr . Nam called about his stationery order. He wanted you to call him
ar 8634082 Taken by : Mr Toan

4. Post-writing

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