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Post-writing Homework Warm-up Telephone transmitting While-listening Language forcus S + to be + going+ to-infinitive

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Write the telephone message Answer :
Thanh Cong delivery Service Date : June 16
Time : After midday For : Mrs Van
Message : Mr . Nam called about his stationery order. He wanted you to call him
ar 8634082 Taken by : Mr Toan

4. Post-writing

Write more message Date :
Time : For : Nancy
Message : Tom called about playing tennis this afternoon. He will come over to pick
you up at 1.30 Taken by : Lisa

5. Homework

to get information and write the message Ss : work individually then share with a
partner T : call two ss to write the message on
board T : call other to give remark and correct
mistake if any
T : Tom phoned Nancy but she was out. Lisa, Nancy’s sister took a message for
Nancy. Help Lisa to write a message ?Read the dia. Between Lisa and Tom to
write a message ? You can work in pair
Ss : discuss to find out the main information
T : receive feed back
?Write the message on their notebooks
Ngày soạn :
Ngày dạy : Tiết : 11
Lesson 5 : Language forcus
I.Objective By the end of the lesson, students will be able to complete telephone message and further
practice in structure of intention and adverbs of place II. Language content
Structure if intention and adverbs of place III.Teaching aids
Teacher’s and student’s book IV. Prosedure

1. Warm-up Telephone transmitting


3. While-listening

Answer: Kingston Junior High School
Date : Time :
For : the principal Message : Mr Mary Nguyen wanted to see
you at 9.45 in the morning Telephone number : 64683720942
4. Language forcus S + to be + going+ to-infinitive
a.They are going to go fishing T : divide students into two teams
T : Choose 6 volunteers stand in two lines. The teacher shows the first student in each
line a telephone number. The volunteers whispers the telephone number to the next
person in hisher line. The second student whisper to the third…intil the last one. The
last student shouts out the number, if it is the same as the number teacher shows, that
team wins the match
?Look at the form of the telephone message on page 21 and fill the missing
information T : a woman phoned the principal of
Kingston junior high school, but he was out ?Work in pair to guess the message
Ss : give feedback
T : supply again the form of verbs talking about intention
?Do exercise 1 on page 25 ?Exchange result with your friends
b. She’s going to read a new novel c. She’s going to do homework in Math
d.He’s going to see an interesting action movie on TV tonight
e. She’s going to her her friend’s birthday

5. Practice Answer:

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