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Practice Answer: Homework Warm-up Answer : Presentation Nam has to : -cook dinner

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b. She’s going to read a new novel c. She’s going to do homework in Math
d.He’s going to see an interesting action movie on TV tonight
e. She’s going to her her friend’s birthday

5. Practice Answer:

a. Where is Tuan? I think he is upstairs b. No, he isn’t here
c. He isn’t downstairs and he isn’t upstairs d. Perhaps he’s outside
e. No, he isn’t there f. I’m not outside. I’m inside, Ba

6. Homework

T : call some ss write result on the board
?Copy the questionnaire in your book then discuss about the intention
T : walk around to check ss’s working
?Do exercise 3d on page 26 T : Ba is playing hide and seek with his
cousin, Mr Tuan. Use the adverbs of place to complete the speech bubbles.
?Work in pairs then compare with another pair
T : call ss to read out the speech bubbles T : correct mistake if any
? Write 6 sentences about your house, using adverbs of place
Ngày soạn : Ngày d¹y :
TiÕt : 12
Unit 3 : At home
Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and read


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand the dia. And use modal verbs to talk about the housework
II.Language content Modal verbs : musthave to

III.Teaching aids

Teacher’s and student’s book IV.Prosedure

1. Warm-up Answer :

a. Wash dishesdo the washing up b. Make the bed
c. Sweep the floor d.Cook
e. Tidy up
2.Pre-teach vocabulary
A steammer A cup board
A sauce pan Chore
A sink

3. Presentation Nam has to : -cook dinner

-go to the market to buy fish -call his Aunt Ms Chi and…
Hashave to +infinitive = Must + inf. 4. Practice
T : show 6 picture to students ?Look at 6 pictures quickly in 30 seconds
and try to remember the verbs in the pictures as many as possible
Which team remembering more verbs is the winner
T : write the words on the board, each word is inside a circle
T : get students to repeat the words and then rub out one of the words but do not
rub out the circle T : Get students to repeat the words
including the rubbed out word by pointing ar the empty circle
T : do the same until all the circles are empty
T : ask ss to go to the blackboard and fill in the circle with the correct words
T : Nam’s mother is going to be home late so she calls Nam and ask Nam to do
something for her. Let listen to the dia. Between Nam and his mother and list out
things that Nam has to do ? Compare the result with your partner
T: introduce the form of modal verbs
Use : Exchange : What do you have to do?
I must do the washing up Use the picture cues drill
a. do the washing up b. make the bed
c. sweep the floor d. cook dinner
e. tidy my room f. feed the chickens

5. Homework

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