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Pre-listening Predictions: While-listening Answer : Presentation Production Homework

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I. Objective

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify the right item by listening and further practice in modal verb : ought to

II. Language content

Modal verbs III.
Teaching aids
Teacher’s and students’s book IV.
Prosedure 1. Warm-up
Suggested list of food : chickens, beef, cake, candy, garlic, noodles, bread, rice,
ham, peas

2. Pre-listening Predictions:

3. While-listening Answer :

a. Fried rice b. Pan
c. Garlic and green peppers d. Ham and peas

4. Presentation

Form : Ought to + infinitive 5. Practice
T : ask ss to write down on their notebooks 5 things you can eat
T : prepare a list of food. Then call out each word in a loud voice
Ss : listen to the teacher carefully. If anyone has the same things, they cross them out.
The first person crossing out all 5 things shouts “Bingo” and wins the game
T : get students to look at page 30 and guess 4 things they use to cook the “Special
Chinese Fried Rice” Ss: discuss in pair to guess 4 things and
write down
Ss : listen to the tape and check their predictions
T : give feedback
T: sets the scene : Hoa is very sad because she failed her English test. What do you say
to advise her ? Ss : “You should study harder”
?Can you tell me another word for “should” Ss : Ought to
T : We use “ ought to” as well as “should” to give advice to someone
T : provide the form with “ought to” ? Work in pair to give advice to people in
the pictures page 35 Ss : discuss in pair to give advice
T : call some ss from each pair to give
Answer a. I failed my English test
You ought to study harder b. I’m late
You ought to get up earlier c. I’m fat
You ought to eat more fruit and vegetables
d. My tooth aches You ought to see a dentist

6. Production

Answer : a. His tooth aches
He ought to go to the dentist’s b. Hoa is late
She ought to det up earlier c. My room is untidy
You ought to tidy your room d.The floor is dirty
You ought to clean it e. Bao is overweight
He ought to eat less meat and do exersise more often
f. She is thin She ought to eat more
g. My English is bad You ought to practice more
h. Her grades are bad She ought to study harder
i. The washing machine doesn’t work You ought to fix it

7. Homework

advice T : call other to give remark
? work in group to write down advice for the following persons using cues and ought to
structure a. His toothaches
b. Hoalate c. My roomuntidy
d. The floordirty e. Baooverweight
f. Shethin g. My Englishbad
h. Her gradesbad i. The wahing machine not work
T : call some ss to present their writings T : call other to give remark
T : give feedback
Write some advice then your friend feels sick
Ngày soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết : 15
Lesson 4 : Read
I. Objective By the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand the safety precautions in the
house and use Why-because II.Language content
Safety precautions III.Teaching aids
Teacher’s and student’s book IV.Prosedure

1. Warm up

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