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Warm up Pre-reading A precaution n While-reading Post-reading Suggesstion Home work

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I. Objective By the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand the safety precautions in the
house and use Why-because II.Language content
Safety precautions III.Teaching aids
Teacher’s and student’s book IV.Prosedure

1. Warm up

2. Pre-reading A precaution n

A socket n A match n
An object n Safety adj
To destroy translation : To injure v

3. While-reading

True or false sentences
Brain storming
Electricity drug
Boiling water Water knife
fire gas
T : draw a circle with “danger in the home for children”
Ss : say the things that may cause danger
T : put the new words all over the black- board
T : call two students or 2 teams of students to the front of the class. Ask them to stand
at an equal distance from the blackboard T : call out one of the new words in
Vietnamese in aloud voice, the two students must run forward and slap the
word on the blackboard. The one who first slaps the correct words is the winner. If the
students play in team, the winning team gets a mark. Then ask two more students to
come forward.. ? Read the statements and guess which is
true, which is false Ss : work in pair
T : give feedback
? Read the poster and check if your
32 Danger in the
home for children
Ask and answer
a. Because children often try to eat and drink them
b. Because the kitchen is a dangerous place
c. Because playing with one match can cause the fire
d. Because children often try to put something into electrical sockets and
electricity can kill e. Because the dangerous objects can
injure or kill children

4. Post-reading Suggesstion

-You must go on your right hand -You must obey the traffic rule
-You must obsever the traffic signals

5. Home work

prediction is true or false T : call some ss to read their answers
T : give correct answer T : ask ss to correct if the statement is false
? Work in pair to find out the answers of these questions
T : walk arround to check ss’s working T : call some pairs to practice
T : correct pronunciation mistake if any
? Work in group to discuss about the topic “safety precautions in the street”
Ss : work in group T : call some to present
?Practice in why-questions with Because- answer by doing the exercise language
focus 4
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Tiết : 16
Lesson 5 : Writing

I. Objective

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