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Pre-writing While-writing Post-writing Homework

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I. Objective

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to write a description of a room in their house
II.Language content III.Teaching aids
Teachers’ and students’ book Picture

1.Warm up

2. Pre-writing

Pre-teach vocabulary Folder n
Beneath adv Tower rack n
Dish rack n Lighting fixture n
Chatting ? Look at the room on page 32 and answer
my questions T : show the things on the picture and ask
Ss : observe and answer the questions ?Which room is it
?What is this ?What is that
T : Write the words on board T : ask ss to copy the words into their
books and then ask them to close the books T : Rub out the new words one at a time.
Each time you rub out a word in English, point to the Vietnamese translationand ask
“what’s this in English?” When all the English words are rubbed out, go through
the Vietnamese list and get ss to call out the English words
?Read the description of Hoa’s room then ask some comprehension questions
Ss : work in pair ?What is there on the left of the room
?Where is the bookshelf ?What is there on the right side of the room
?Where is the wardrobe Answer
a. There is a desk on the left of the room b. The bookshelf is above the desk
c. There is a window on the right side of
the room d. The wardrobe is beside the window and
opposite the desk

3. While-writing

This is Hoa’s kitchen. There is a refrigerator in the right corner
of the room. Next to the refrigerator are the stove and
the oven. On the other side of the oven, there is a
sink and next to the sink is a towel rack. The dish rack stands on the counter, on the
right of the window and bebeath the selves. On the selves and on the counter beneath
the window, there are jars of sugar, flour and tea.
In the middle of the kitchen, there are a table and four chairs.
The lighting fixture is above the table and directly beneath the lighting fixture is a
vase with flowers

4. Post-writing

5. Homework

?Now you use the given cues to describe Hoa’s kitchen
Ss : Work individually T : Walk around to check
T : call some ss read their writings T : call other to give remarks
?Talk to their partners about their roomliving roomkitchen
Ss : work in pair T : call some pairs to present
T : give feedback
?Write a description of their bed roomliving room
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Lesson 6 : Language forcus
I.Ojective By the end of the lesson, students wil be able to use the Reflexive pronouns

II.Language content

Reflexive pronouns III.Teaching aids
Teacher’s and student’s book IV.Procedure

1. Warm –up

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