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Key Pre-reading To look after v While-reading

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1. The tickets can be bought on line →
You can…………………………………….. 2. You have beautiful hair
→ Your hair……………………………………..
3. Helen is more intelligent than Tom →
Tom isn’t……………………………………….. 4. Let’s go out tonight
→ Shall………………………………………………

2. Key

Exercise 1 : 0,5 x 6 = 3 1. A
2. A 3. C
4. A 5. B
6. C Exercise 2 : 0,5 x 6 = 3
1. False 2. False
3. False 4. True
5. True 6. False
Exercise 3 : 1 x 4 = 4 1. You can buy tickets on line
2. Your hair is beautiful 3. Tom is not as intelligent as Helen
4. Shall we go out tonight
Prepare new lesson
Ngày soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết 20
Unit 4 : Our past
Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and Read I.Objective
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to tell the activites people used to do in the past
II.Language forcus Past simple tense

III.Teaching aids

Teachers’ and students’ book IV.Prosedure
1. Warm-up
Answer : The TV
The radio The mobile phone
The light fixture Mordern clothingschool uniform

2. Pre-reading To look after v

Equipment n example Folk tale n example
Traditional adj trun thèng Great grandma n cơ bµ
TF statement prediction a. Nga is used to live on a farm
b. Nga’s grandma didn’t go to school c. She has an easy and happy life when
she was young d. There wasn’t any modern epuipment at
her time e. “The lost shoe” is a short story

3. While-reading

Answer: a. F Grandma used to live on farm
b. T c. F She had a hard life
T : divide class in to 4 group and provide each group a paper
?Look at picture on page 38 an write the names of the things that do not belong to
the past. Which groups write more words win the game
Ss : work in group T : decide which one is the winner
T : write new words on board inside a circle. Rub out the words one by one.
T : get students to repeat the words including the rubbed out words
Ss : Try to remember all the words
T : We are going to read the dia. Between Nga and her Grandma. Let’s read these
statements and guess if they are true or false
Ss : can discuss in group T: call ss to say their guessing
?Ask students to read the dia. between Nga and her Grandma and check if your
predictions are correct Ss : work in group
T : call ss to present
d. T e. F It is an folk tale
Work with partner
Answer : a. She used to live on a farm
b. Because she had to stay at home and
help her Mom to look after her younger brothers and sisters.
c. She used to cook the meals, clean the house and wash the clothes
d. Her great grandma used to lit the lamp and her great grand father used to tell
stories e. She asked her grandma to tell her the
tale “The lost shoe”
Fact or opinion
a.Fact b.Fact
c.Fact d.Fact
e.Opinion f. Opinion

4. Post-reading

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