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Production Suggestion Home work Pre-reading

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Word cue drill a. LiveHueHanoi
-Did you use to live in Hue? -No, I used to live in Ha Noi
b. Have long hairs short hairs -Did you use to have long hairs?
-No, I used to have short hairs c. Get up lateearly?
-Did you use to get up late? -No, I used to get up early
d. Walk to schoolbicycle -Did you use to walk to school?
-No, I used to go to school by bicycle e. Study evening early morning?
-Did you use to study in the evening? -No, I used to study in the early morning

4. Production Suggestion

a. Where did they live in the past? And now -People used to live in small houses. Now
they live in big houses and building b. How did they travel?
-People used to walk. Now, they can go by cars or motorbikes
c.What’s about the electricity? -Now, there is electricity everywhere
d.What’s about their lifework? -People used to work hard all the time. Now
they have a lot of time for entertainment. e.Did children use to go to school?
-Most children used to stay at home. Now they all go to school.
f.What’s about their entertainment? -Children used to play traditional games such
as hide and seek, skip rope…outdoors. Now they have a lot of modern games-video

5. Home work

T : ask ss to put questions and answers using “used to”
Ss : work in pair
? Practice in pair to compare 2 pictures on page 40, using “used to” to talk about
the actions in the past T : walk around to help
T : can suggest ss the things to compare as housemeans of transportwork
Write about the things you used to do last year. “ Last year, I used to get up
late. Now, I get up very early and do morning exercises
Tuần 8
Ngày soạn :
unit 4 cont
Ngày dạy : Tiết 22
Lesson 3 : Read


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand and retell the story “ The lost shoe”.
II.Language content III.Teaching aids
Teachers’ and students’ book IV.Prosedure

1. Warm up

Brainstorming :

2. Pre-reading

? Name some folk tales that you have read Ss : work in group
One hundred section bamboo Cay tre tram dot
7 mile shoe
Tam Cam Snow white and 7 dwarfs
T : create situations to explain new words
46 The folk tales
Pre-teach vocabulary Cruel adj
Upset adj Fairy n translation
Magical adj Rag n
To fall in love with Immediately adv
TF statement predictions a. Little Pea’s father is a poor farmer
b. Her father got married again after his
wife died c. Her new mother was beautiful and nice
to her d. She worked hard all day
e. She didn’t have new clothes to take part in the festival.

3. While-reading

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