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While-reading Post-reading Homework Language content To used to + infinitive

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Pre-teach vocabulary Cruel adj
Upset adj Fairy n translation
Magical adj Rag n
To fall in love with Immediately adv
TF statement predictions a. Little Pea’s father is a poor farmer
b. Her father got married again after his
wife died c. Her new mother was beautiful and nice
to her d. She worked hard all day
e. She didn’t have new clothes to take part in the festival.

3. While-reading

Answer a. T
b. T c. F her new mother was cruel to her
d. T e. F A fairy gave her beautiful clothes
Comprehension questions a. She was a poor farmer’s daughter
b. She made her do the chores all day c. Before the festival started, a fairy
appeared and magically changed her rags into beautiful clothes.
d. He decided to marry Little Pea because the shoe which the Prince was keeping
fitted her e. Students answer themselves
Gap filling : Complete the sentences with words from the story
Answer a. Farmer
b. Died c. Hadused to-again
d. Marrychoose e. New clothes
f. Lost

4. Post-reading

T : before you read the story “The lost shoe” let’s guess the conten of the story by
doing TF statement predictions ? Look at these statements and give your
ideas if these statements are T or F Ss : work individual to give ideas
T : can call some ss to present their ideas
?Now you read the story “The lost shoe” and check if your predictions are True or
False Ss : read and check
T : call ss to answer T : ask ss to correct the false sentences
? Work in pair answering the questions in exercise 2 on page 42
T : give feedback
? Work in pair to fill the blanks with suitable words from the story
Ss : discuss to find the suitable words T : call ss to answer
T : correct mistake if any Ss : take note
? Work in pairs, telling the story again in
E.g : Little Pea’s father was a poor farmer. Unfortunately, Little Pea’s mother died
when she was very young and her father got married again. The new wife was very
cruel to her and made her work all day. One day, the Prince wanted to choose a
wife from her village. Her new mother didn’t make new clothes for her, but the
fairy did. She came to the festival and lost a shoe. The Prince found her shoe and
decided to marry her.

5. Homework

details. You can look at the statements in the gap filling exercise and add more
T : call some ss to retell the story
?Rewrite the story in your notebook
Ngày soạn :
unit 4
Ngày dạy : Tiết 23
Lesson 4 : Writing


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to use Simple past tense to write a folk tale II. Language content
The Simple past tense III.Teaching aids
Teachers’ and students’ book IV.Procedure
1.Warm up Chatting : ask ss some questions about
imaginary stories Do you want to read imaginary stories?
Name some of them? Which story do you like best?


wisdomn a stripe n
a straw n a servant n
to escape v to graze v
to light-lit-lighted
Read and complete the story Answer :
1.appear 6.tied 2.as 7.lit
3.said 8.burnedescaped 4.left
5.went Comprehension questions
a. He was in his field b. It grazed nearby
c. The tiger wanted to know why the
strong buffalo was the servant and the small man was the master
d. He tied the tiger to a tree with rope because he didn’t want it to eat the
buffalo e. When he returned, he lit the straw to
burn the tiger
3.While-writing Suggested answers :
One day, as I was in a field and my buffalo grazed nearby, a tiger came. It asked why
the strong buffallo was my servant and I was the master. I told the tiger that I had
something called wisdom. The tiger wanted to see it but I said that I left the wisdon at
home that day. Then I tied the tiger to a tree with a rope because I didn’t want it to
eat my buffalo. I went to get some straw and I burned the tiger. The tiger escaped,
but today it still has black stripes from the burn.
Have you ever read the story “how the tigers got his stripes?”
T : create situations to explain new words and write new words on the left hand side
of the blackboard and their translation on the right handside of the black board
T : ask ss to come to the blackboard to match items on the left with those on the
right by drawing a line connecting them
? Do you understand the meanings of the verbs in the box
Ss : answer ?discuss in pair using the suitable verbs to
fill in the blanks T : give feedback
?work in group of four to answer the following questions
a. Where was the man? b. What did the buffalo do when the tiger
appeared? c. What did the tiger want to know?
d. What did he do before going home? Why?
e. What did he do when he return? T : call some pairs to present
T : correct pronunciation mistake if any
T : now you have to imagine that you were the man and write the story again. Pay
attention to change “the man” to “I” and “His” to “My”
Ss : work individually then share with their partners to correct mistake one to another
T : wall around to help T : take some writings to correct in front of
the class


5. Homework

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