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Warm up Pre-reading Chatting While-reading Post-reading Home work

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1. Warm up

2. Pre-reading Chatting

Pre-vocabulary A report card
Pronunciationn To improve v
To be proud of phrase To try one’s best
TF statements prediction a. Tim was out when his mother called
him b. Tim’s mother met his teacher at school
c. Tim’s report is poor d. Tim needs to improve his Spanish
grammar e. Tim promised to try his best in learning

3. While-reading

a. F Tim was in the living room at home b. T
c. F He needs to improve his Spanish pro d. F
History Physics
Chemistry Math
Literature Geography ?Write as many subjects as they can on the
blackboard Ss : work in groups
T : ask ss some questions ?What subject are you good at
?What subject are you bad at ?What subjects do you like best?Why
?How often do you have math ?How often do you have literature
?How often do you have English T : create situations to explain new words
T : check by rubing and remembering T : Rub out a word in English and point to
the Vietnamese translation and ask “what’s this + English?” when all the English
words are rubbed out, go through the Vietnamese list and get students to all out
the English words. If there’s tome , get students to come to the blackboard and
write the English words again ? Read the statements on poster and predict
they are true or false ? share with yout partners
Ss : work in pair to give the prediction T : Give feedback
?Now you read the dia. and check if your prediction is true
Ss : read ?Correct the false statements
Subjects at school
e. T Comprehension questions
a. She is Tim’s teacher b. She gave Tim’s mother his report card
c. He worked really hard d. She said Tim should work harder on his
Spanish pronunciation e. She gave him a dictionary

4. Post-reading

5. Home work

?Practice in pair asking and answering the questions on page 47
T : call some pairs to present T : correct pronunciation mistake if any
?Now you work in group. One person in group will ask “what subject do you need
to improve?” The other have to write the name of the subject that they need to
improve. ? Now all students who need to improve the
same subject work in groups and discuss how to improve
Ss : work in group
?Write the way how to improve the subject that you are not good at
Ngày soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết 27
Lesson 2 : Speak


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to talk about their stydy habits and to listen for specific information to fill in a report card.
II.Language content III.Teaching aids
Teacher’s and student’s book, poster IV.Procedure
1. Warm-up
Brainstorming and chatting
? How to improve your English Please write your ideas on the board
How to improve
your English

2. Pre-listening Pre-teach vocabulary

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