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Pre-listening Pre-teach vocabulary While-listening a. Days present : 87 Post-listening Home work

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2. Pre-listening Pre-teach vocabulary

Behavior n A participant n
Satisfactory n Attendancen
To appreciate v Prediction
a. Day present b. Day absent
c. Behavior-participant d. Listening
e. Speaking f. Reading
g. Writing

3. While-listening a. Days present : 87

b. Days absent : 5 c. Behavior-participant :Spanish
pronunciation d. Listening : Comprehension
e. Speaking : A f. Reading : A
g. Writing : B Comprehention questions
a. They are Mr and Mrs Chen b. She is Blake
c. English for the first term d. –Speaking English quite well.
However she does need to improve her Speak English to friends in class
Listen to E Watch
E on TV
Do grammar Read E stories Exercises
Read E newspapermagazines T : create situation to explain the meaning
of new words Ss : listen then guess the meaning
? Look at Sarah Chen’s report and predict the missing information and then compare
with your partners ? work individual first then pair work
T : give feed back
? Now you listen to the tape and check if your prediction is correct
Ss : do the request T : call ss to read their answers
T : give remarks
? Answer some questions about Sarah Chen’s report
? Who are Chen’s parents ?What’s Chen’s teacher’s name
?What subject was reported ? for what term ?What are the comments
? What dose S stand for? What about F, U,
listening skill e. S stands for satisfactory, F for Fail, U
for Unsatisfactory, A for excellent, B for Good, C for fair and D for poor

4. Post-listening

1. When do you do your “homework”? 2. Who helps you with your homework?
3. How much time do you spend on ? 4. Which subject do you need to improve?

5. Home work

A, B, C, D T : call some pairs to present
?work in pairs, asking your partners questions and taking notes of the answer
?work in group of 4 or 5 to report what they have known about their partners study
T : call some ss to present T : give feedback
Write something about your partner;s study habits
“ Hoa is my best friend. She works very hard and always get good grades. She
usually does her homework after school
Ngày soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết 28
Lesson 3 : Read


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand the text and get specific information
II.Language content Ways of learning English

III.Teaching aids

Teachers’ and students’ book IV.Procedure

1. Warm up

T : ask ss some questions about their English learning
? Do you like learning English ?How many new words do you try to learn

2. Pre-reading

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