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Pre-reading While-reading TF statements Post-reading

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2. Pre-reading

Vocabulary Mother tongue n
Underline v Highlight v
Come across v Stick v

3. While-reading TF statements

Answer: a. F
b. T c. F
d. T Comprehension question
a. No, theylearn words in different ways b. Because they help them to remember
the use of new words a day
?What do you do when you read a new words
?How do you learnremember new words T : create situation to explain new word
Vietnamese is our mother tongue so What does mother tongue mean
T : show a line under a word and says this is underline so what does underline mean
T : and now we put colour on a leter to highlight it so what does hightlight mean
T : stick a piece of paper on board and ask ss to name the action
T : can check ss by playing slap on board. T call 2 ss from 2 teams and ask them to
stand at an equal distance from the board. T call out a new word in Vietnamese and 2
students must run forward and slap the word on the board. The one who first slaps
the correct word will be the winner and get one good mark
?work in pair to ask and answer about ways of learning new words
Ss : discuss then each group will write their ideas on board
Learn through example Learn by heart
Write on A small piece of paper Translate
?Now you read the text and decide which is true and which is false
T : give feed back T : ask ss to correct the false statements
? Now you work in pair to ask and answer the questions on page 50
Ss : work in pair T : call some pair to present
c. They write examples, put the words and their meaning on stickers, underline or
highlight them d. They may think they can’s do so.
Instead, they learn only important words.
e. Revision is necessary in learning words f. Learners should try differents ways of
learning words to find out what is the best

4. Post-reading

a. Make a list of words, their meanings and learn them by heart
b. Write sample sentences with new words c. Stick new words somewhere in the
house d. Underline or highlight the words
e. Read stories in English f. Learn words through songs

5. Homework

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