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Homework Pre-writing Language content Give instruction and advice

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c. They write examples, put the words and their meaning on stickers, underline or
highlight them d. They may think they can’s do so.
Instead, they learn only important words.
e. Revision is necessary in learning words f. Learners should try differents ways of
learning words to find out what is the best

4. Post-reading

a. Make a list of words, their meanings and learn them by heart
b. Write sample sentences with new words c. Stick new words somewhere in the
house d. Underline or highlight the words
e. Read stories in English f. Learn words through songs

5. Homework

T : correct mistake together with students Ss : take note
T : ask ss to work in group of 4 or 5 to interview one another and tick the ways
they have used to learn new words T : ask ss to report about their group
Eg : “ Hoa learns words by making a list of words, their meaning and learning them by
? Write the way of learning words thay you think are the best for you
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TiÕt 29
Lesson 4 : Write
I.Objective By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know the format of a friendly letter and
practice writing aletter to a friend II.Language content
III.Teaching aids Teachers’ and students’ book
IV.Prosedure 1. Warm up
Chatting T : ask ss some questions dealing with
writing letters ?Have you ever written to someone
?To whom do you usually write ?What do you often write about

2. Pre-writing

Vocabulary Lunar New Year Festival n
Enjoyable adj To celebrate v
Ordering 1.Writer’s address
2.The date 3.Opening
4.Body of the letter 5.Signature
6.Writer’s address
Comprehention questions a. Hoa wrote a letter to Tim, her pen pal
b. There are writer’s name and the date c. The body of the letter is the main part
d. She received her first semester report e. No, She isn’t
f. Science, English and History g. She is going to Hue to celebrate the
festival with her grandmother
3. While-writing 75 Ngo thi Nham street,
Tam Diep town, Ninh Binh provice June 10
2005 Dear Donna,
Thanks for your letter. I’m glad to hear you had an interestingenjoyable Mother’s day.
We received our second semester report last month. I got good grades for
Geography, Physics and Math bu my English and History results were poor. My
teacher advices me to impreove English and History. I think I have to study harder
next shool year. In a few weeks, we’re going to celebrate
T create situation to explain the meaning of the new words
T : every year we have 3 days for lunar new year festival is 1
, second and third so what does Lunar new year Festival mean
T : we celebrate new year by many traditional games. So what does celebrate
mean T : ask ss to put the parts of the letter in the
correct order Ss : work
T : give feedback
?Now you read the letter and find out each section of the letter
?Work in pair to ask and answer the following questions
?Who wrote the letter? To whom ?What are there in the heading
?What is the main part of the letter ?What did Hoa received a few days ago
?Is Hoa good at Math ?What subject is Hoa good at
?Where is she going to celebrate the Lunar New Year Festival
?Do exercise 2 on page 51. Now you have to imagine that you are Lan and write a
letter to her penpal Donna in Sans Francisco, using the given information
Ss : work individuall
the mid Autumn festival. That is an Autumn moon festival in Vietnam. This
afternoon, I’m going to Ha Long bay with my aunt and uncle by bus and I’m going to
stay there with them until the festival comes. I’ll send you a postcard from there.
Write soon and tell me all your news Best,
Lan 4. Post-writing

5. Homework

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