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Practice Answers: Home work

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Answer: Pronounce, study, read, write, speak, report
card, practice, listen


Answer: 1. can
2. dictionary 3. of
4. course 5. a
6. lot 7. good
8. should 9. harder
Answer: 1. to
2. you 3. dictionary
4. you 5. should
6. harder 7. your
8. pronunciation 9. my
To asktell +someone +to do something

3. Practice Answers:

a. Miss Jackson asked me to wait for her
outside her office b. Miss Jackson told me to give you your
report card for this semester c. Miss Jacksonasked me to help you with
your Spanish pronunciation d. M.Jackson told me to meet her next
week And circle the words they have found then
write them down in the column of their team. The team which has more words will
win the game Setting the scene
T : introduce Tim’s mother and Tim’s teacher-Miss Jackson by drawing their
faces. They are talking about Tim’s study ? Now you complete the dia. between them
M.Jack : 1 you give Tim this2 Tim’s mother : Yes,34.Thanks56
M.Jack : His grades are7.But he8 work9 on his Spanish10
?Practice in pair the dia. T : call some pairs to present
T : correct mistake if any T : introduce Tim and his mother. They are
at home and talking about what Miss Jackson said
Tim’s Mom : M.Jackson asked me 1give2this3
Tim : yes. I know Tim’s mother : M.Jackson said45work
6 on 7 Spanish8 Tim : I’ll try9 best to 10 it
Checking understanding ?What did M.Jackson say to Tim’s mother
“Can you give Tim this dictionary” ?What did Tim’s mother report it to Tim
Miss Jackson asked me to give you this dictionary
T : provide the form ?What else did M.Jackson say
“Tim should work harder on his Spanish pronunciation”
?What did Tim’s mother report it to Tim “M.Jackson said you should work harder
on your Spanish pronunciation” ?Work in pairs to do exercise on page 53
T : call some ss read their answer T : correct mistake if any
Answer: a. Miss Jackson said you should spend
more time on Spanish pronunciation b. Miss Jackson said you should practice
speaking Spanish everyday c. Miss Jackson said you should listen to
panish conversation on TV d. Miss Jackson said you should practice
reading alound passage in Spanish e. Miss Jackson said you should use this
dictionary to find out how to pronounce Spanish words.

4. Home work

? work with partners to do exercise 4 on page 53
?Report Miss Jackson’s advice to Tim’s mother in their conversation
T : call some ss to present T : correct mistake if any
Ss : take note
Review commands, requests and advice in Reported Speech
Ngµy soạn : Ngày dạy :
Tiết : 32
Unit 6 : The young pioneers club
Lesson 1 : Getting started Listen and read Language forcus 2


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand the dia. and practice in gerunds used after some verbs : love, like, hate, enjoy
II.Language content Gerunds after some verbs : love, like, hate, enjoy

III.Teaching aids

Teachers’ and students’ book 5 cards
IV.Prosedure 1.Warm-up


Pre-teach vocabulary To enroll v
To answer application form Out door activities
Listen and read the dia. Chatting
T : ask ss some questions about their activites and their summer holiday
?What do you usually do on your summer holiday
?Are you members of the Young Pioneers and Youth Organization
?Are there any programs for the summer ?Do you take part in them
?What activities do you like most T : now you look at the activities and
identify the activities that the HCM Young Pioneer and Youth Organization take part
in Ss : do the exercise in pair
T : create situation to explain the meaning of some new words
T: When you want to join in a club you have to enroll your name so what does
“enroll” mean Ss : dang ky
T : show an application form to explain T : football, tennis, swimming…are outdoor
activites. So what does out door activities mean
Ss : ngoai troi T : Nga is a student in grade eight. She
Answer: Name : Pham Mai Nga
Home adress : 5 Tran Phu street Phone number : not available
Date of birth : April 22, 1989 Sex : Female
Interest :drawing, outdoor activities and she also enjoys acting
Form: Love,like,hate,enjoy,mind+regund V-ing


Ex : What are your hobbies?
I likelove playing soccer and volleyball
4.Production Chart on page 61

5.Home work

want to enroll in the activities for the summmer. Now you listen and read the dia.
T : call some pairs to practice the dia. T : correct pronunciation mistake if any
T : now you read again the dia. and complete Nga’s details
T : ask some questions to check students’ understanding
?What is her name ?Where does she live
?When was she born ?What are her hobbies
Ss : Answer the questions ?What is after “likes” drawing
?What is after “enjoy” acting ?What do we call “drawing” and “acting”-
gerund ?What is the form of regund-V-ing
T : we use regund after some verbs : like, love, enjoy,hate,mind
T :prepare 5 cards with these cues on a. Play soccer volley ball
b. Watch TVlisten to music c. Read booksdo home work
d. Chat with friendsd the housework e. Cook mealdecorate the house
T : models the first cues, students repear in choral two time then individually
?Practice in pair T : call some pair to present
T : correct mistake if any
T : ask ss to copy down the chart on page 61
?Work in groups of three to ask your friends and stick on the chart
T : give feedback by asking ss to report their friends’ hobbies
Ex : Nam loves playing soccer. He doesn’t like cooking and especially hates washing
?Write about your friends hobbies Ngày soạn :
Ngày dạy : Tiết : 33
Lesson 2 : Speak a Language forcus 3a


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to ask for favors and respond to favors II.Language content
Asking for favors and responding favors III.Teaching aids
Teachers’ and students’ book IV.Prosedure
1.Warm-up Shark’s attack


3. Practice

T : cut out a shark and a school girlboy from card
T : draw some steps then stick the cut out boygirl on top of thes teps, the shark is in
the sea T : draw 5 gaps for the word-favor
T : divide class in to two teams and ask them to find in the alphabet letters. If ss
guess wrong the boygirl has to step down. If not they get one mark. The game
continue until students gind out the word- favor and the shark can’s eat the girlboy
T : you have just do a favor for a girl so she isn’t eaten by the shark. So what does favor
mean Ss : su giup do
?What do you say to ask for a favor Cancould you help me
Could you do me a favor ?How do you respond to favor
Certainlyof coursesure No problem
?Copy down the phrases on page 55
?Work in pair to do exercise 3a page 61- 69
Answer 3a a. Can you buy a ticket for me?
b. Can you take me across the road? c. Could you help me with this math
problem d. Can you water the flowers in the


Answer: Y.Neighbor : Could you help me, please
You : Of course, how can I help you Y,N : Can you help me to tidy the yard.
I’ve broken my leg You : certainly. I’ll help you
Y.N : Thank you very much. It’s very kind of you


62. You have to use the expressions in the box to ask for a favor to fill in blanks in the
dia. T : call some pairs to present
T : Set the scene: Mrs Ngoc is carrying a heavy bag, but she’s hurt her arm so she
needs some help. Please play as Mrs Ngoc and Hoa to practice the dia.
Ss : work in pair T: call some pair to practice
T : your neighbor needs help tidying his yard because he had broken leg. Now you
make a similar dia. and practice it T : call some pairs to present
T : correct mistake if any
T : give another situation and ask ss to make a similar dia
“Your aunt wants you to buy some vegetables because she is busy cooking
Ngày soạn :
Ngày dạy : Tiết : 34
Lesson 3 : Listen and speak a Language forcus 3b


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to complete a song and offer and respond to assistance
II.Language content Offer and respond to assisstance

III.Teaching aids

Teachers’ and students’ book IV.Prosedure

1.Warm up

2.Pre-listening Pre-teach vocabulary

-To unite v -Peace n
Guess the missing words


The song: The children of our land unite
Let’s sing for right Let’s sing for love between North and
South Oh children of our land unite
Children of the world hold hands Let’s show our love from place to place
Let’s shout out loud Let’s make a stand
Oh children of the world hold hands


Listen to a song T : let students listen to the song for fun
T : supply new words and explain the meanings
Ss : take note ?guess the words to fill in the gaps in the
song page 56 ?Share with your partner
?Now you listen to the song and fill in the missing words then share with your
partners T : call some ss to read the answer
T : give feedback Ss : take note
?Listen to the dia. between a receptionist and a tourist
Ss : listen then practice the dia. in pair T : ask ss some questions to check their
understanding ?What does the receptionist say
Ss : May I help you ?What’s for
Ss : For offering assistance
Offering assistance -May I help you?
-Do you need any help? -Let me help you.
Responding assistance -Yes, that’s very kind of you
-No, thank you -No, thank you. I’m fineI can manage
Answer: a. May
b. Do you need c. Me help you
d. Very kind
Answer: Re. : May I help you?
Tourist : Yes, can you show me the way to the nearest bank?
Re. : Sure. Turn right when you get out of the hotel. Turn left at the first corner. It’s
on your right Tourist : Thank you very much

6. Home work

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