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Home work Language content Give instruction and advice

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Offering assistance -May I help you?
-Do you need any help? -Let me help you.
Responding assistance -Yes, that’s very kind of you
-No, thank you -No, thank you. I’m fineI can manage
Answer: a. May
b. Do you need c. Me help you
d. Very kind
Answer: Re. : May I help you?
Tourist : Yes, can you show me the way to the nearest bank?
Re. : Sure. Turn right when you get out of the hotel. Turn left at the first corner. It’s
on your right Tourist : Thank you very much

6. Home work

?Do you know another way to offer assistance
Ss : Do you need any help? Let me help you
?How do you respond to assistance Ss : yesno, thank you
? Copy down the following phrases T : ask ss to repeat chorally and then
individually all the phrases in the chart
?Complete the dia. in exercise 3b page 62 ?Practice three dia. in pair
Ss : practice then exchange role T : call some pairs to present
T : correct mistake if any T : create situation : a receptionist wants to
help a tourist who need to go to the mearest bank. Now you make a similar dia. then
practice it T : call some ss to practice the dia.
T : correct mistake if any
T : create another situation and ask ss to make the similar dia.
“You want to help a tourist who needs to find the nearest police station because he
has lost money
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Ngày dạy : Tiết : 35
Lesson 4 : Read
I.Objective By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know more about Youth organization-
the Boy Scouts of America BSA II.Language content
III.Teaching aids Teachers’ and students’ book
IV.Prosedure 1.Warm up
a. Racchtaer b. Iojn
c. Mai d. Pexailm
e. Nessmsibuan f. Thauolgh
Answer: a. Character b. Join c. Aim d. explain
e. Businessman f.Although


Pre-teach vocabulary To encourage
Citizenshipn quyen cong dan Co-educational adj : co tinh ket hop gd
Voluntaryadj To lead v
To establishv
TF statements prediction a. The Boy Scout of America is a youth
organization b. Scouting began in America
c. William Boyce is a businessman in London
d. Boys and girls can join BSA e. The Scouting Association is the biggest
voluntary youth organization in the world.
3.While-reading Jumbled words
T : write six words whose letters are in disorder
T : divide the class into 2 teams and 6 ss from each team will write the right words.
The team which finishes with more right words will win the game.
T : put the new words on the board T : create situation to explain new words
Encourage means to support T : call 2 students or 2 teams to the front of
the class standing at equal distance from the blackboard.
T : call out one of the new words in Vietnamese. Two ss must eun forwards and
slap the correct word. The student who slaps first is the winner
Go on with the next two students ?Stick the poster with the statements on the
blackboard and guess which is true, which is false
?Read the passage on page 57 and check if
Answer: 1. T
2. F Scout began in England 3. F William Boyce is an American
businessman 4. F BSA is mainly for boys
5. T Fill in the missing dates
Answer: a. 1907
b. 1909 c. 1910
d. 1994 Answer the questions
a. Scouting began in England in 1907 b. The meeting between a boy scout and
Mr William Boyce led to the Scout Association crossing the Atlantic in
c. Girls can join in the Girls Guide Association and Camp Fire Boys and
Girls d. They are building characters, good
citizenship and personal fitness.



their prediction is correct or not T : give feedback. Ask ss to correct false
?Ask ss to work in pairs to do exercise 1 page 57
T : call some ss to answer
? Work in pair to ask and answer the questions
T : call some pairs to practice T : correct mistake if any
?Work in pair to interview a member of BSA
Ss: one play as interviewer and one play as a member of BSA
?When did scouting begin In 1907 England
?When were the aims established They were established in 1907
?Can a girl join the BSA No, it is mainly for boys but girls can join
the similar oganization ?How many member does the Scouting
Association have now Over 25 million
?Write the summary of the BSA
Ngày soạn :
Ngày dạy : Tiết : 36
Lesson 5 : Writing
I.Objective By the end of the lesson, students will be able to write a letter about a future plan using
“going to” II
. Language content : Going to
III.Teaching aids Teachers’ and students’ book, pictures
IV . Prosedure
1.Warm-up Ex : I’m going to accept their invitation
I’m going to buy a new bike I’m going to clean the house
I’m going to dust the furniture


Pre-teach vocabulary To raise fund v
A bank n Natural resources n
Reading the notice Answer :
a. They have to collect glass, paper and cans to send them for recycling
b. The purpose of the recycling program is to save natural resourses and to earn money for
the organization c. They can participate in other programs such
as raising funds for the poor, helping street children, planting trees and flowers along
the sidewalks or in the parks
Complete the letter a. Nga
b. Linh c. Yes, she is
d. She writes about the programs of her Rivison of the structure : be going to
?what is the usage if “be going to” Ss : to express a future plan
?Make the sentences begin with I’m going to + verb. The verbs have to
begin with a letter from A to D T : give example
T : use models, examples, pictures to explain meaning of words
T : Look at this pictures this is the simple of argiculture bank. So what
does “bank” mean Ss : answer
T : Oil, coal iron… are natural resources. What does “natural
resources mean” ?Read the notice to all Y and Y
members on page 58 and answer the following questions
?What do members of the Y and Y have to do in the recycling program
?What is the purpose of the recycling program
?What other programs can members of the Y and Y participate in
Ss : read the notice Ss : work in pair to ask and answer
T : give feedback and get some students to work in open pairs
?Take a look in the letter and answer some following questions
?Who writes the letter ?To whom does Nga write
school Y and Y that she is going to participate
Answer Having recycling collectsend
recyclingparticipatingplantinghelping Reading the dialogue
Ss : Because she is able to join in the Y and Y Green Group
Ss: She is going to clean the lakes’ banks, plant trees and flowers in the park and water them.
Ss : they are going to plant young trees to sell to some school


Suggested letter : Dear Mom and Dad,
I’m very happy to tell you that I’m able to join in the Y and Y Green Group of my school.
The Green Group is holding an envirenment month plan. We are going to clean the lakes
banks on weekends. We are aslo going to plant treees and flowers in the park and water them
every afternoon after class. We are planting young trees and palnts to sell to other schools.
I hope that we can bring more green to the city and earn some money for the school Y and Y.
The program is very interesting and useful, isn’t it?
I’m still very well. I will tell you more about the group activites later
With love, Hoa 4.Post-writing

5. Homework

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