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Unit 5- Lesson1 3. Complete the table

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Unit 5- Lesson1

4. Answer the questions.

a. What was a town crier?

A town crier was a person who would go through city streets ringing a bell

and shouting the lastest news.

b. How popular is the Kien Thuc Ngay Nay?

The Kien Thuc Ngay Nay is widely read by both teenagers and adults.

c. What benefits does TV bring about to people’s life?

People can get the lastest news and enjoy interesting programs and watch

a varity of local and international programs on different channels.

d. What kinds of magazines and newspapers do you read?

e. What’s your favorite type of media? Why?

Unit 5 – Lesson 1

Model sentences:

I like watching TV.

I like reading newspapers.


Danh động từ

like, love, enjoy, hate, remind…

* Form:

S + like/ enjoy… + V- ing

Match these pictures with these phrases





Using the


Watching TV

Listening to

the radio

Unit 5 - Lesson 1



What/ like doing…?

Watching TV

How much time…?

One hour

S1: What do you like doing in your free time?

S2: I like watching TV.

S1: How much time do you spend on it?

S2: A bout one hour.

- Learn by heart the vocabulary.

- Write the answers in your notebooks.

- Prepare new lesson.


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